Artificial Intelligence-Synaptic Network


Intelligence system that fully emulates the functions of a human brain has long been a dream. A brain has many superior functions as compared with super computers, even though it has light weight, small volume, and consumes extremely low energy. This is required to construct an artificial neural network, in which a huge amount of synapses is needed.

Beyond Artificial Intelligence

It is great, but AI cannot replicate human intelligence or improve quality of human life as computational neuroscience can.The human brain is estimated to have about tens of billions of neurons and trillions of synaptic connections. The neurons and synaptic connections that control who we are and what we do define human intelligence. One of the main differences between computational neuroscience and AI is that the former’s models and theories are tested in biological and physiological experiments.

The new research could lead to better robots, self-driving cars, data mining, medical diagnosis, stock-trading analysis and other smart human-interactive systems and machines in the future.