Cyber Awareness

Stay Smart Stay Safe Online

Our main objective of Cyber Security Awareness Program was to raise awareness on the importance of information security among Internet users.Especially the Business organisations and the Education Industry. It is a collaboration with Kerala Police Cyberdome.

Cyber Safe Kerala

It is a public awareness conference aimed at increasing the understanding of cyber threats and empowering the public to be safer and more secure online. Also educate students, teachers and parents on the importance of cyber safety when surfing the Internet and doing activities online such as social networking, information retrieval, e-commerce, and connecting with family and friends. This Programme consists of a series of seminars targeted for students and teachers of educational institutions and parents. It covers some of the following areas;

» Cyber bullying is the electronic posting of mean-spirited messages about a person,often done anonymously.

» Cyber predators are people who search online for other people in order to use, control, or harm them in some way.

» Phishing is a scam by which an email user is duped into revealing personal or confidential information that the scammer can use illicitly or fraudulently.

To make corporate/organisation aware about dangers in cyber environment. Also ensuring Data Integrity and minimizing risks for organisation in Cyber threats. It also help to build the cyber safety awareness in Corporate Employees work culture.

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If you are a reputed educational organisation would like to educate cyber awareness for you staff and students or you are a Business Oraganisation who want to make your employees more aware to the current cyber space security awareness.

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