Cyber Monkey

Cyber Monkey™ is a Geo Spatial Analytic Platform build by integrating a big science approach. The Big Science approach to spatial data allows analysis and decision making from huge datasets, by using algorithms, data visualization, query processing and spatiotemporal data mining etc. Spatial Intelligence feature in this platform can provide a support for data capture, data analysis and data visualize and helps the mapping of BIG DATA.

Today, through Spatial analysis, companies across the board can formulate effective strategies to Credit risk analysis, Fraud detection, Criminal behavioral pattern analysis, Cyber vulnerabilities, etc for their business and services. All this occurs in real-time, with multiple data streaming into the map for better understanding of spatial trends and relationships. Thus the end user of this product can manage their business proactively by understanding what could happened next in the industry. Now Cyber Monkey™ provides its most advanced Geo Spatial Application solutions to the industries like Cyber Security, Homeland Security, Tourism, Law and Enforcement, Government, Health, Smart cities, Road and Transportation, etc.