mobistra, an Entrepreneurship Certification Program is the first Professional certification program under Government of Kerala partnering with its parent organization Strava Technologies & Rutronix. The program is led by experienced hands in the Industry as well as successful entrepreneurs and business professionals. Spend a week dipping your toes into the tech world and learn how to turn an idea into a product prototype.

A big idea is not enough. You need people to create it and people to buy into it. Your big idea needs a story. Stories full of Innovation. Innovation is taking what is not true in the present and making it the true in the future.


Who Should Enroll

* Entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their business.

* Students who want to study more about Entrepreneurship.

* Team of Innovative Startups.

* Companies who want to create Intrapreneurs in their organisation.

Bring Your Ideas to Life:: Learn How To

1. Scaling Excellence through Leading Innovation

* Manage creativity and innovation.

* Develop the skills of an in-tune leader.

* Build and maintain a talented, motivated team.

* Embrace "failure" and learn from it.

* Evaluate the scaling capacity of your organization.

* Build an organizational mindset of accountability and ownership.

* Use the physical work environment to encourage and reinforce positive behaviors.

2. Critical Analytic Skill

* Enhance your ability to understand and predict the behavior of individuals in competitive situations.

* Improve your ability to analyze the negotiation situation.

* Develop a strategic plan to improve your ability to negotiate effectively.

* Develop confidence to face the critical situations.

3. Building Business Models

* Build and present a business model for your own innovation.

* Analyze the business models of competitors and incumbents.

* Create and deliver value for your customers.

* Extract some of that value for your organization.

4.Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset

* Transfer technology ideas to market.

* Use the fundamentals of resource development, including talent and capital.

* Create a business model to successfully sell your idea.

* Think like a technology entrepreneur.

5.Financing Innovation

* Identify the determinants of earnings, cash flows, and shareholder value.

* Build a financial model to assess the value proposition for a product or investment.

* Analyze and optimize the sources and the importance of net working capital

* Value projects, firms and new ventures.

Mentoring & Networking

Interact & receive guidance from industry experts, investors, and founders of successful companies .

Idea Validation

Business Model Development

Success Factor Identification

Company Registration

Marketing & Branding

Building a Legal Foundation

Introduction to Finance

Business Plan Development

Financial assistance and Valuations

Supported Industries

Health CareTelecommunication Media & EntertainmentLivelihood IndustryE-Commerce & Web Servies
Smart Home Technology/AutomationWearable TechnologyRoboticsManufacturing Food Processing