Research and Development Team

Research and Development Team Our research center is the heart of development wing of Strava. Our working life-oriented research, development and innovation work helps to improve the competence of companies and organizations. The research and development activities of Strava focus on; applied research, utilizing scientific results to develop new practical applications, methods or problem-solving tools development work which utilizes data to generate new products, or to improve existing ones.

Our Core Research Areas

Center for Cyber Security Digital Research[CCSDR]

Research in Cyber Security is for making our cyberspace a safer and trusted place. Research includes real-world information security problems,Effective cyber defense systems,Intelligent Systems & Decision Analytics,Data Management & Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, IOT Secuirty by connecting the Industrial Scientists,Researchers and Governments. CCSDR bring together a national cyber security innovation network that pioneers cutting edge cyber security research and innovation, through the National Innovations.

Geo Spatial Technology Solution

The Spatial Technology is organizing both People & Technology, which have been applied to diverse fields to assist experts and professionals in analyzing various types of geospatial data and dealing with complex situations. The research team will help our government organization for implementing the real time captured data using the spatial technologies.

Artificial Intelligence-Synaptic Network

Intelligence system that fully emulates the functions of a human brain has long been a dream. A brain has many superior functions as compared with super computers, even though it has light weight, small volume, and consumes extremely low energy. This is required to construct an artificial neural network, in which a huge amount of synapses is needed... Read More..