By 2020, much of the world’s crime is committed through the Internet. Advanced cyber security becomes a necessity — and a huge economic opportunity for innovative problem-solvers. So Strava started STRAVA CYBER LAB's -A CYBER DEFENCE CENTRE in Partnership with Checkpoint Software Technologies Pvt Ltd which will be a combination of Cyber Intelligence and Situational Awareness, and should have everything it needs to mount a competent defense of the ever-changing information technology (IT) enterprise.

STRAVA CYBER LAB's team can then act as a cluster to support our Corporates, Government in a quick cyber emergency handling situation and to secure our cyber space before attacks happens.

Cyber Range

Train Next-Generation Cyber Warriors with Advanced Cyber Range Training.

The First Cyber Range facility in Kerala in partnership with Checkpoint Software Technologies Ltd.

Strava technologies Ltd set ups the Cyber Range at its premises to provide cyber security training services to corporate/professionals from law enforcement agencies as well as the financial industry.

The Cyber Range platform can facilitate team based cyber attack and defence exercises. We invite enterprises and government agencies to experience a new way to train cyber security professionals and improve their skills. It also enables trainees to practice responding to attacks in real-life settings including security tools, network architecture and traffic that reflect their actual work environment. It provides a rich and up-to-date catalog of simulated attack scenarios, including ransomware, enabling cyber security experts trainees to improve their skills and accelerating the on-boarding process for new team members.

Cyber Range can also be used for the investigations and analysis of cyber attacks as well as Cyber defence exploration and research.

System Highlights

>> Help cybersecurity professionals prepare for real-world situations.

>> ‘Blue-team-red-team’ model of attack/defence training.

>> Allow organizations to learn and practice with the latest techniques in cyber protection.

>> Assistance in re-creating similar cyber range labs at customers premises.

>> Our experts will work closely with organisations to understand their business goals, and security challenges and offer test runs on           proposed cybersecurity solution/infrastructure.


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