By 2020, we can see Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to develop, especially as more sensors are added to replicate what humans are capable of doing today. We will also see smart cars and homes created using the AI technologies improving and become more commonplace, allowing companies to gather even more data to specially target new products to those consumers. As self-driving cars and smart city initiatives become more of a reality, it will be imperative to understand how all the location information can be used to make smarter decisions.


The biggest opportunity for geospatial industry is its core asset which is geospatial data or Spatial Big Data. Most of datasets that we generate and deal with are geospatial in nature so exploiting that data using automation through AI and deep learning comes naturally to creating solutions for rest of the basic sectors. Due to the availability of vast and high-resolution geospatial data and efficient high performance computing architectures, deep learning techniques empower the geospatial system to provide fast and near human level perception.

AI & Cyber Monkey™

What makes CYBER MONKEY™ differ in the Industry is the Geo Enabled Location Intelligence. AI in this system makes data more accurate and meaningful. Artificial Intelligence support this system to provide its advanced features like Video Feed Analytics, Geo Data Visualization, Advanced Geo-spatial Big Data Analytics, 3D Data Visualization, Security Policies(Blue Print), Emergency Situational Awareness, Decision Making etc. We need to work a lot before we utilize the full potential of AI to CYBER MONKEY™ system. So we still on research of Huge potential in "THE LOCATION BASED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - GEOAI".