Dams are complex structures with many technical uncertainties, and they involve risk just as they provide benefits. Safety can be threatened by the processes of ageing, natural events and new threats, even if the dam was built using accepted good practices of the day. Dam safety typically refers to the protection of the public and environment from the effects of dam failure, as well as release of any or all of the retained fluids behind a dam. Public safety addresses hazards to the public, created by the presence or operation of a dam, but not associated with structural failure of the dam or with passage of floods. CYBER MONKEY™ is capable of doing the Dam Safety Audit by considering the people's safety.

Benefits of Cyber Monkey™ in Dam Safety Audit

  •   Spatial Analysis of Dam Break & Resulting Flood Flow
  •   Asset Mapping & Emergency Mission Planning
  •   Dam Breach Audit
  •   Intelligent Evacuation Pre Planner & Real Time Planner