Geospatial Technologies is a term used to describe the range of modern tools contributing to the geographic mapping and spatial analysis of the Earth and human societies. All technologies that are using to acquire, manipulate, and store geographic information collectively called 'Geospatial Technology'. Location Intelligence being an integral part of spatial analytics, allows businesses to identify areas with market commonalities using layers of data.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR) is the capturing & managing of data, its analytics and real-time presentation to allow customers to make decisions and improve the efficiency of their Business or Process. Location is fundamental to 4IR. The key facts behind the 4IR is bringing together massive amount of data, applying Big Data analytics, Deep Learning and Machine Learning Analytics to fuse the data together and then present that information very quickly in order to drive changes in the Industry. As technological revolution(4IR) gives birth to a new set of applications, business practices and revenue models, it is also leading to the geospatial industry to adapt to a new business ecosystem.

GEO4IR & Cyber Monkey™

More and more companies are now integrating location into their business analytics and many are grounded in location data. For example businesses like Uber, Ola etc wouldn’t exist without it. “Consumers use location everyday — from checking the weather, to mapping out their route via GPS, or ordering their dinner online. It’s become second nature to consumers, and it is quickly becoming second nature to businesses. Realizing the importance of location in boosting businesses and tracking consumer demands , CYBER MONKEY™ is designed to support both the Government & Public Sectors.