Precision Farming

Green Future — with Smart Technology

Precision Agriculture or Satellite Farming, is a farming management concept, based on observing, measuring and responding to inter and intra-field variability in crops. Our Geo spatial solutions in precision farming can analyze remotely sensed data to ensure proper assessment and management of agriculture sectors. These analyses include health and stress detection, change detection for land use dynamics, monitoring of logging and pest activities, farm data in Cloud-Based Solution etc. CYBER MONKEY™ support to Connect Farmers in an Interactive Ways to Grow their crop with confidence and Government to make better decisions with Farm Big Data.

Benefits of Cyber Monkey™ in Precision Farming

  •   Centralized Command Operation for Food Security Audit
  •   Monitor, Predict and Manage Risk in Farming
  •   Crop Health & Pest Monitoring
  •   Mapping Water Sources & Flood Hazard Zone