When considering developments in nanotechnology and highly advanced weaponry, drones of the future will make yesterday’s science fiction become a reality. Whether companies like Amazon are actually able to deliver airborne packages to customers in less than an hour, there will be great interest in communicating with and taking services to people in places not readily accessible.


Drone ecosystem are discovering new uses for this transformative technology – from delivering packages and lifesaving medicines to airborne taxis and photographing the world. When it comes to 4th Industrial Revolution the drone based services are upgraded to Medicine transport, Courier services, Mini ambulance services, Delivery of goods inside large industries, Route guide etc. So the opportunities are vast.

DRONES & Cyber Monkey™

Drone Technology act as a Collection Medium to assist CYBER MONKEY™ in creating affordable and accurate geospatial information.Drones, IOT Devices, sensor fusion and Connected sensors will drive the Hardware breakthroughs in CYBER MONKEY™. Now we are capable to complete our supply chain by providing Customized Drones, Professional Drone Pilots Training and Drone Inspection Services for our CYBER MONKEY™ users.