Six Cybersecurity Information for Business Travelers

Travelers, especially those on business trips carry devices with valuable personal and business information making them lucrative targets for cybercrimes. Although cyber crimes are a global concern, various factors such as availability of public Wi-Fi and a new environment for the potential victim make travelers a popular target.

Never leave your electronic devices unsupervised

Avoid leaving your devices unsupervised even for a short period of time. This includes leaving them in locked hotel rooms, as the hotel staff has access to your room.

Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth before you leave

Connecting to public Wi-Fi networks is strongly recommended against, considering the number of security risks they pose. Check your phone’s settings to verify that the Wi-Fi auto-connect feature is turned off.

If your Bluetooth is enabled, there are chances of hackers connecting to your device to potentially steal data or perform illegal activities. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on only when you need it, especially while traveling.

Lock your devices

Every electronic device that you carry during travel should have security lock features such as a PIN or fingerprint security. This is a recommended security measure, even if you’re absolutely sure that the device is going to be physically with you at all times.

Encrypt sensitive data

If you’re traveling with devices that store confidential or sensitive data, encrypt it. This ensures that even if the device is stolen, the data can’t be accessed by hackers.

Check your anti-virus software

In case your device doesn’t already have one, install trusted anti-virus software before your travel. If you already have one, make sure that it’s running on the latest version for improved security.

Stay alert

Keep the bag containing your devices with you at all times and be cautious of thieves. Avoid accessing confidential data on your devices in public places such as airports or railway stations unless you absolutely must. In such situations, beware of anyone trying to peek over your shoulder.