Digilocker Allows You To Carry Documents On The Go

Today, digital assets and transactions rapidly rised by the gwroth of advanced technolgy. social media platforms has the main role to connecting people, Now Smart phones became the primary screen. Consumers can avail anything on-demand and even also governments are treading the digital path. Today most private and public services are available through websites or apps, providing convenience and access to everyone.

Through the Digilocker, an individual can upload a document, self-attest it through an electronic signature, and subsequently share it as and when required. The storage capacity offered per user is 1 GB, without any limit on the number of documents that can be uploaded to it. The usage has seen an uptick since its launch, with reports stating that currently there are 2.1 million registered users and 2.4 million documents have been uploaded on the platform. Many documents are directly uploaded by the public-sector and government agencies, and can be accessed or shared through registered repositories. The documents cannot be modified or tampered, thereby ascertaining their authenticity online.

Digilocker is a web-based platform and can also be accessed through smartphones by using a mobile app. Individuals can sign up using their Aadhaar number and get a dedicated cloud storage space to upload their documents.

Digilockers can be used beyond identity-related documents, and include other key documents such as salary slips and rent receipts. Many banks have already started using it for various purposes, including reviewing documents for loan applications. Additionally, schools and colleges are using this facility for admission processes, while hospitals are using it to store medical reports.

Digilocker has the potential to become an important tool against fraud and corruption. The platform can be used to deter identity thefts, protect data, enhance paperless governance and mitigate vulnerabilities around compromises as it has robust access controls.

Orginsations registered with DigiLocker include the UIDAI, the road transport and highways ministry, the Income Tax Department, various school boards, including the CBSE, and departments of various state and central government ministries.

According to latest statistics, DigiLocker has 1.35 crore users, with people using it for PAN cards, marksheets, caste certificates, birth certificates, ration cards, etc.

How to use

  • Go to DigiLocker website or downloand DigiLocker app on your smartphone. Using your Aadhaar number and mobile number you can create a user ID using an OTP.
  • If some organisation has uploaded any of your e-documents, you can see it in the account. You can also upload your own documents and e-sign them.
  • You also get the facility of sharing documents with others by sharing a link to the e-document.

You can upload scanned copies of your documents (PDF, JPEG or PNG format) and access it anywhere you want. You can also e-sign these uploaded documents, which works like self-attestation of physical documents.