Employee behavior among biggest challenges to cyber security in India

The study further found that 63% of Indian businesses were concerned about being exposed to cyber criminals due to employee error, while 68% were concerned about employees conducting malicious activities.

As the threat landscape evolves, businesses too need to advance their defense mechanisms with synchronized security solutions that are designed to strengthen their cybersecurity posture. “Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility and while IT teams must be proactive in their response to cyber threats, aware and knowledgeable employees and leadership teams pave the way for organisations to better detect, protect and respond.”

Only 19% of Indian businesses considered making a significant change in their cybersecurity posture within the last six months, even though one-third of businesses surveyed said that their organisations faced a security breach in the last 12 months.

Lack of security expertise makes it difficult for 59% of Indian businesses to detect, investigate and respond to cybersecurity incidents. The study found that 79% of Indian businesses were keen to deploy deeply-integrated products capable of synchronizing cybersecurity to detect, investigate and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

Across India, the majority (66%) of business decision makers believe lack of security expertise is a challenge for their organisation, with 69% observing recruitment of skills to be a struggle, while, 66% of them find it hard to stay up to date with cybersecurity technologies. This comes down to the set-up of cybersecurity within organisations, which commonly sees IT staff tasked with security in addition to their other responsibilities.

“IT teams should also not shy away from tough discussions on the impact of breaches they have faced and instead leverage them with their CEOs to help invest in predictive synchronized security for their business,”