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India’s leading Startup in Geospatial Industry

We're Strava Technologies® Private Limited, India’s leading Startup for Geospatial Products and Geospatial Applications provider in the Government sector. Being the Space Technology Startup company, we started with large scale 3D Map production and Industry 4.0 Space Technology application development. But now we also extended our arms into a wide range of Geospatial products development, System Integrator in GIS Solutions, and Geospatial technology consulting in government sectors around the world in geospatial solution architecting to solve the citizens problems and thus to improve their lives. We have made our presence across 25+ State & National government departments in India and across Asia-Pacific & European countries.


Our Services

We specialized in Geospatial Product Development


Application Development

Aerial/Drone, Lidar, GPR

2D/3D Map Production

Data Analytics

Spatial Data Analytics


Tech Consulting

Our Products

We specialized in Geospatial Product Development

Our Technology

We are working with Next Generation Geospatial Technologies

Remote Sensing

The remotely sensed data of land use, land cover & topography etc. with demographic & socioeconomic data to create models help a decision maker to make better decisions on a problem statement such as land conversion, deforestation etc.


Global Navigation Satellite System positioning solutions - We are specialized in building precise location services with accuracy down to a few centimeters, so we can easily integrate the solution into a UAV platform and its high-precision GNSS increases the quality of final orthomosaics.

Geo Visualization

The future of actionable insights of Spatial Data is Geo Visualization. Customers will get an enhanced data visualization effect that helps them to quickly identify & take decision of a Geographical space. It makes you visualize your data from country to street level in a multiple layers data concept.


Geospatial.AI, provides an enhanced version of Geo Spatial Enterprise Application. Spatial Data Analytics using GeoAI helps our customers to analyze large meta data, spatial data etc. to improve the identification of Spatial Big Data in Location Intelligence.

Drone Tech

We are working Smarter with Drone Data. We are Creating accurate high-resolution maps, reports, applications and 3D models, as well as real-time 2D Live Maps for immediate site analysis. It’s truly redefining an industry where accuracy and safety are of equal importance.


Geographical Information System, helps the industry to manage, analyze, and visualize geographic data. With this unique capability, GIS reveals more in-depth insights into data, such as patterns, relationships, and situations - helping users make smarter decisions.

Our Clients/Partners

We Value Our Clients and Partners


For Application Development/Partnership/GIS Product Demo: Contact us at hello@stravatechnologies.in