Cyber Monkey®

A Geospatial Intelligence System

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Cyber Monkey®

Cyber Monkey® is a cloud based Geo Spatial Intelligence System build to transform the real-time data into meaningful location based information and to deliver solutions that solve complex real world challenges. The GEOAI (the Location based Artificial Intelligence) strengthens the capabilities of Cyber Monkey® to deliver automated spatial analysis & decision support systems for every business. Its Spatial Intelligence features support for data capture, data analysis and data visualization and helps the mapping of BIG DATA. “Cyber Monkey® - Geo Spatial Intelligence System” is the right solution for you to upgrade your organization to meet the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Features & Benefits

Enhance predictive analytics and forecasting of data for better decision making.

Helps an organization to prepare for possible changes due to changing spatial conditions or location-based events.

Manage, store, and analyze large amounts of spatial big data.

Allows you to solve complex location-oriented problems and better understanding of massive spatial datasets.

Interactive dashboard and GIS analysis platform using Open Source Web Mapping Libraries.

Solution deployment on private/public cloud with easy installation and configuration.

Software Platform

Enterprise Web GIS Application

(Support for all current browsers)

Geo Portal

(Support for all current browsers)