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GeoMETA is a cloud-based Geospatial Metadata Management System that is used to store, analyze, and disseminate all types of geospatial data. Geospatial Metadata is a type of data instruction manual that describes the who, what, when, where, why, and how of geographically referenced data. Thus, storing such information in a central repository allows resources to be discovered by interested parties searching for resources, evaluated, accessed, and understood, enabling proper utilization.

The associated Geoportal enables all stakeholders to visualize and download geographically referenced data via a collaborative data sharing feature and role-based privilege.

Features & Benefits

User-friendly web interface for categorizing and managing geospatial metadata.

Multi-part file upload feature to store (to any Object Storage) any kind of spatial data.

Comprehensive activity audit/log report to track all activities related to metadata management.

Role based access for creating, editing, uploading, verifying & publishing metadata and its data.

Single Sign-on authentication & authorization with your existing Active Directory credentials.

Interactive dashboard and GIS analysis platform using Open Source Web Mapping Libraries.

Internationally-adopted schema (ISO 19115 - Geospatial Metadata Standards) & OGC compliance

Solution deployment on private/public cloud with easy installation and configuration.

Software Platform

Enterprise Web GIS Application

(Support for all current browsers)

Geo Portal

(Support for all current browsers)