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Our Innovative Startup Story

Hi My name is Strava Technologies®, a private limited company and I am a DIPP certified innovative startup under Startup India. I was founded in 2015 for doing business in the Geospatial Industry. I then fixed my Taproot at Trivandrum, Kerala, India to anchor my Team. At the time of my registration I am having a product on board named “Cyber Monkey”. At first people laughed at me after hearing my product name but I used that as a marketing strategy to get the product to reach more people. I received my first award during my first birthday as “ Emerging Company in Geospatial of the Year 2015”. And I am so Happy ! not only me but my Team members too.

During my budding stages I faced a lot of challenges in terms of market reachability and exposure of my products, but eventually we overcame all those budding phase challenges with Teamwork. At the age of 3 yrs I became Break Even. Then I realized that this is not the end but the new beginning of my scaling. So from my 3yrs I again started to work on new innovative products, I met so many clients across India & Abroad, attended & solved critical problem statements of my clients with geospatial solutions, and visited so many countries as a Speaker to spread the innovation of Geospatial Technology. All my work got appreciated and recognized with National & International awards in each year, which made me get energized to run faster in my scaling way of innovations in the Geospatial Industry. I also want to say this, All my clients had made a significant role in the Growth of my scaling Journey. During this scaling journey I spread my branch offices to other States of India such as Hyderabad, & Tamil Nadu to anchor more teams and thus to support more clients. Throughout my scaling journey I also released 5+ Geospatial innovative products such as vEarly Cloud, GeoJal, Notus, GeoMeta, Water Nova etc. which have already won the hearts of many customers, Thanks to my Innovative Team.

The Biggest milestone which I achieved during my scaling is that my Cyber Security division (initially started to support the geospatial clients, since 2016) was now grown as a Private Limited Company named “Strava Cyber Labs (P) Ltd - A Cyber Defence Centre” headquartered at Chennai, Tamil Nadu and global head office at Hyderabad, Telangana. So I am happy that I have a subsidiary venture onboard now.

From my startup journey, what I learned is that all stages of a Startup are important, the pathway will not be smooth and sometimes more challenging too, but never give up until you win the hearts & trust of your clients and once you win, never break it since it will ruin your brand name forever.

Our Company Profile

We are Strava Technologies® Private Limited, India’s leading Startup for Geospatial Products and Geospatial Applications provider in the Government sector. Being the first Space Technology Startup company in Kerala, India since 2015, we started with large scale 3D Map production and Industry 4.0 Space Technology application development. But now we also extended our arms into a wide range of Geospatial products development, System Integrator in GIS Solutions, and Geospatial technology consulting in government sectors around the world in geospatial solution architecting to solve the citizens problems and thus to improve their lives.

We have made our presence across 25+ State & National government departments in India and across Asia-Pacific & European countries. Our successes are determined by the Innovation, Skills, and Dedication of our Team. We are making our remarkable presence in the geospatial industry in our own unique way through innovation and collaboration as the geospatial industry continues to evolve and will experience phenomenal growth in the coming years.