Notus Weather

A Virtual Weather Forecasting System

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Notus Weather

NOTUS Weather is a cloud based virtual weather forecasting system. It is an AI-driven platform that provides weather-based decision making for an exact location and can easily distribute the most accurate, compelling and cost-efficient weather-casts by collecting Data from the Space, Aerospace & Land. This platform also offers APIs for weather data based on location, which can be used to build apps, models, tools, visualizations, and insights into weather conditions. It also enables banking, financial services, insurance, energy and utilities, manufacturing, health-care, government, law enforcement, transportation and logistics, and other industries to make real-time decisions based on weather data analytics.

Features & Benefits

Interactive weather forecast & nowcast dashboard.

Provision to modify and approve weather data based on stakeholders regional specific decision.

Easy integration of Automatic Weather Station data for better decision making.

State/country wise interactive map view (of the weather data) for better decision making with advanced GIS tools.

Historical weather data exporting feature for better evaluation of weather data.

Solution deployment on private/public cloud with easy installation and configuration.

Software Platform

Enterprise Web GIS Application

(Support for all current browsers)

Mobile Application

(Android & iOS)